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Permanent History Hall Exhibit

As we work behind the scenes to create an updated permanent History Hall exhibit we have added objects, documents, and information to enhance the information already contained in the exhibit. You can now view the exhibit in our main galleries and learn more about Bourbon County through the 200 years of history. See the memories of Millersburg Military Institute, learn about the aftermath of the Civil War and the changes it brought to Bourbon County,  explore the history of hemp, and more!

Building Community in Adversity

Building Community in Adversity, Hopewell Museum’s latest exhibit, celebrates the struggles and accomplishments of African Americans in Paris and Bourbon County during the onerous decades of Jim Crow segregation. This exhibit in honor of Black History Month demonstrates how African Americans built community through churches, schools, organizations, businesses, and neighborhoods when they were not welcome in other segments of the community.

Tom Williams Woodcarving

On exhibit from May 3rd through July 31st.

New Paris and Bourbon County History Exhibit

This exhibit will share the history of Paris and Bourbon County from prehistoric Native American settlement through the current day. On display from July 1st through September 6th.

22nd Annual Creative Harvest Art Exhibit

Talented artists of the region bring a multi-faceted exhibit of 2 and 3-D works to the walls of the Museum. This exhibit is in cooperation with Hopewell Creative Arts Guild. On display from August 1st through September 30th.

Tony Leonard & Secretariat Photography Exhibit

Guest curators: Bobby Shifflet and Allison Cox. On display from October through December.