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Educating Students: We inspire learning!

We offer art and social studies workshops to provide a hands-on learning experience aligned with Common Core and Kentucky Academic Standards in addition to our exhibit tours. Tours and workshops are tailored to the needs of your students based on grade level, or your request to emphasize what the students are learning or will be learning in the classroom. Transportation grants and art workshop scholarship fees for Paris and Bourbon County students are available on a first come-first serve basis.

Click here for Fall 2017 Hopewell Museum Educational Brochure which lists the  programming for the upcoming school year. Individual workshops are listed below with links to the objectives.

Primary Source Research Presentation

We can schedule a presenter for your class at school or at the museum to teach students about conducting historical research with primary sources using examples from our collection.  We will also explain how they might use the museum’s resources to conduct their own research for social studies projects. This presentation is best suited for grades 6-12. We will support individual students involved in research projects, including National History Day. Call us at 859-987-7274 for more information.


For more information about National History Day, click here.

watercolor poppiesPerspective in Art: Watercolor Poppy Field


Students Will:

  • Discuss symbols of remembrance, why we have symbols of remembrance, and how the poppy flower is a symbol of remembrance for WWI (this workshop best accompanies the exhibit, “The Great War: Kentucky & Beyond” on display Feb. 12-Oct. 1, 2017).
  • Learn how perspective is used in landscape art to create depth.
  • Observe how the elements of art & design are used in landscape examples.
  • Create their own watercolor poppy field.

Grades Pre-K-8
Academic Standards: VA: Cr1.1, VA: Cr1.2, VA: Cr2.1, VA: Cr2.3, VA: Re.7.1, VA: Re.7.2, VA: Cn10.1, VA: Cn11.1
Cost: $1 per student*
Time: 45 minutes
*Scholarships available for students in Bourbon County thanks to the Paris Rotary Club

Click Here to View Objectives


Appalachian Quilts: Geometry in Design

Manipulate tangram shapes and discover how they merge into traditional Appalachian quilt designs. Create and name your own paper quilt.

Grades K-5.
Cost: $1 per student.

Click Here to view objectives.

Bowl of peaches

Still Life through Time & Culture

Compare examples of still life from several different art periods from the 16th century to the present and different cultures. Create your own still-life masterpiece using objects as a model and with your choice of media (pencils, colored pencil, crayons, watercolor, construction paper).

Grades K-8.
Cost: $1 per student.
Time: 1 hour

Click here to view objectives.

Bourbon County Pioneer

Using primary source documents & artifacts, students will make choices about what a pioneer family moving to Bourbon Co. will pack in their wagon. Make your own quill pen (to keep) and write a letter home with advice on what to bring with you (or not) to the frontier.

Grades 2-8 (we will customize according to the standards based on grade level)
Cost: $1 per student
Time: 1 hour.

Bourbon County Pioneer Objectives.

Joy Vaughn Venters

Joy Vaughn Venters Memorial Art Education Fund

Joy Vaughn Venters Memorial Art Education Fund provides funding for student art workshops, art supplies for children’s programs, and more!

Click here for the brochure and more information on how you can help.