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  • Tracking Free Black Women in Bourbon County: the Intriguing Case of the Kleizer Women - By Nancy O’Malley, 2013 Free people of color in Bourbon County Free people of color constituted a very small percentage of the African-American population in antebellum Kentucky.  In Bourbon County where the African-American population was one of the... Read More
  • Bourbon County Woman’s Club 1920-1923 - Reorganizing and establishing the club 1920-1921 The newly organized Bourbon County Woman’s Club (formerly the Paris-Bourbon Federation of Women’s Clubs) met August 9 of 1920 with many of the same women who were part of the original Federation.... Read More
  • Bourbon County Women’s Club 1916-1920 - Origins of the women’s club movement The women’s club movement really gained momentum during the Progressive era (1890s-1920s) around the United States primarily as agents of social reform. During this period clubs were mostly organized by white, middle... Read More
  • A Gentle Man and a Gentleman: Blanton Collier - If you grew up in Bourbon County, are a big University of Kentucky or Cleveland Browns football fan, or just love football history then you may already know the name Blanton Collier. If you (like me) are none... Read More
  • Introducing Tales From the Tomb - Introducing, Tales From the Tomb!  For those who have followed our Tales From the Tomb posts on Facebook or Instagram, these posts will be allow us to share more information about the material items related to people, events,... Read More